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Press Release Info & Quote from the Artist:

Paul Mayson catapults himself into the limelight with his new genre-crossing single ‘Paralyzed’, blending polished electronic sounds with live instruments and rock influences. ‘My main objective is writing innovative, genre-crossing songs that sound really different from what’s out there right now in dance music. For my new single ‘Paralyzed’, I wanted to bridge the gap between electronic, pop and rock. The song features my Los Angeles based friend and rock singer John Quarles on the vocals, which was a really interesting and out of the box collaboration for me. I’m super excited releasing this one on Hexagon, I’ve been talking to Don for quite some time now and it’s great to have an artist like him supporting me on the mission to bring something really new to the table within dance music. I hope all of you guys like the record!’


Bio Paul Mayson:

Armed with a genre-crossing new sound that separates him from other artists, Paul Mayson has catapulted himself into the limelight as one of the most promising and refreshing upcoming electronic acts in dance music worldwide. Being a true tastemaker of the upcoming generation of dance artists, the young producer and multi-instrumentalist is releasing innovative and organic songs on the most influential record labels and platforms in the world (Hexagon, Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Proximity).

Bridging the gap between electronic music and pop, he kickstarted his career with the release of ‘Pray’, a collaboration featuring the renowned pop-act Far East Movement. A follow-up came in timely fashion with the release of ‘Want Me’. This new single contained the vocal sample of Aretha Franklin’s classic hit ‘Chain of Fools’ and was also the first officially released rework of that song.

‘My main objective right now is writing innovative, genre-crossing songs that sound different from what’s out there in dance music. Adding live instruments to my productions is one of the things I do to try and achieve that.’ With his songs reaching millions of streams worldwide and gaining the attention from all the leading blogs, Paul has been busy touring around Europe and Asia.

His new single ‘Paralyzed’, releasing on Don Diablo’s imprint Hexagon Records, is a unique blend of polished electronic sounds and pop/rock influences. Be sure to keep an eye on the young talent.

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